Robert A. Crimmins

Adventures, Interests, Jobs and Projects


Skydiving - Hanggliding - Soaring - Powered Flight

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War Zone Contracting

Journal entries on life in the war zones along with, photos, videos, links and articles by others

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Flying and Floating Machines

The Cyclocrane - an airship that was one of a kind, Kite Balloons (Tethered Aerostats): Kite Balloons (Tethered Aerostats) and Blimps - I have logged flight time in an American Blimp Corporation A-50 "Lightship".

Jobs List

TV News Stringer, Tower Climber, Welder, Caulker, Mason Tender, Bouncer, Dolphin Show and Driving Range Attendant, Nude Model, High Rise Window Cleaner and eighteen more

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Things I Shouldn't Have Done

Parasailing experiments, The Corinthos Fire, Close calls in the air and in the water, Taking The Que Ball (and getting my nose broken) and other missteps I lived to laugh and write about

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Things I should have done, and did

Travel, Ballroom dancing, Shooting, Prison interviews, Swimming (in my Endless Pool), Wrestling (in my youth), Sailing (in the Rehoboth Bay) and Home Building (I did it with some help from my friends)

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Community work

The Friends of Killens Pond State Park, Tributary Action Teams, Delaware Literary Connection, Felton Little League, Bloodbank of Delmarva, The Tillamook County, Oregon Sheriff's Department

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reading and movies lists

The reading list includes all the books I've read that I still have and the ones I remember reading. All the movies in that list are good or very good.

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