Robert A. Crimmins

Writing, Productions, Projects


. . . published and unpublished books, ebooks, a screenplay and stage play, articles, essays, humor, children's stories, technical writing, biography, history, educational . . .

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Print Publications & Video Productions

Books and Other Print Publications, Broadcast and Cable Shows, Nature Programs, Government Programs, Apps, Delaware Scenery and Events

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Engineering & Architecture

Blimp and Airship Projects, Engineering, Commercial Building Construction, Building Restoration Consulting Construction Management. Patents and Inventions

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Adventures, Jobs List, Projects and Interests

Sport Aviation, War Zone Contracting, Flying and Floating Machines, Jobs List and Projects such as News Stringing, Nude Modeling, Welding, Rigging Airships, Running Companies, Writing Books and Tower Climbing, Things I Shouldn't have done and things I should have done and did, hobbies

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